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About Spatika Design Studio

" I Begin With An Idea And Then It Becomes Something Else..."
                                                                                                        Pablo Picasso

Founded in the year 2010, by two Finance Professionals in pursuit of their passion for design, Spatika was created with a core philosophy to work in-depth with handmade processes to create 'Sustainable and Affordable' Apparel and Home decor accents, that resonate the essence of nature. To achieve this core philosophy, the team collaborates extensively with weavers, artisans and social enterprises from across the country in areas of traditional weaves, arts and crafts such as hand painting, embroidery, block printing, tie & dyeing, etc., and incorporates them into their work. The studio believes deeply in the Philosophy of "Giving Back unto Nature, As all that is received is only a Blessing from Nature.."

The Studio is located off OMR, in Chennai, India. The various works of the studio are showcased online through its websites - www.spatikadesignstudio.com, www.spatikasarees.com and its Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SpatikaDesign.

The Studio can be contacted through email at - info@spatikadesignstudio.com